Netanyahu Vows to Press Gaza War with ‘Full Force’ in Live TV Address

November 12, 2023 By admin Off

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is standing firm against international calls for a cease-fire, stating that Israel will continue to fight with “full force.” Netanyahu has also emphasized that a cease-fire would only be possible if all Israeli hostages held by terrorists in Gaza are released. Additionally, he has proposed the demilitarization of Gaza and Israel’s retention of security control in the region, including the ability for Israeli forces to enter Gaza to hunt down terrorists. Netanyahu’s positions are at odds with the post-war scenarios suggested by the United States, who advocate against an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza and envision a unified Palestinian government in both Gaza and the West Bank as a step towards Palestinian statehood. As the war in Gaza continues, international pressure mounts on Israel as hospitals are running out of supplies, endangering the lives of war-wounded, medical staff, and displaced civilians. The situation at Shifa hospital in particular has been described as “unbearably desperate.” Israeli forces have allegedly clashed near the hospital and have been accused of harming civilians with indiscriminate attacks. Despite increasing international calls for a cease-fire and concerns about the humanitarian crisis, Netanyahu has asserted that Israel’s goal in the conflict is to achieve victory and that there is “no alternative.” Meanwhile, the Muslim and Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia have urged an end to the war in Gaza and called for immediate humanitarian aid. However, Netanyahu has placed the responsibility for harm to civilians on Hamas, and the conflict continues with no sign of abating.