Netanyahu Paints Post-War Gaza as Leaderless and Protests as Out of Touch

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined a vision for Gaza’s future and condemned demonstrations resembling New York City’s. He proposed that the Israeli Army would oversee security in Gaza after the war, paralleling the US defeating ISIS and Al Qaeda. Netanyahu emphasized his expectation that Gaza will be demilitarized and de-radicalized. Notably, he denounced protests amplifying Hamas’ evil nature and expressed his dismissal of the ceasefire, other than for freeing over 200 hostages taken on October 7. Netanyahu refrained from disclosing more details, suggesting that saying less can maximize the possibility of the ceasefire taking place. Amid the war, there have been numerous protests globally, including in the US. While President Biden and others advocated for “humanitarian pauses”, a majority of US lawmakers continued to support Netanyahu’s approach, including Mike Lawler. Netanyahu also avoided addressing his government’s failure to prevent the initial October 7 attack. Overall, he remained focused on unifying the country to ensure victory.