NBA Shake-Up: ESPN-TNT Broadcaster Swap Adds Twist to Basketball Coverage

December 2, 2023 By admin Off

For the NBA In-Season Tournament, Commissioner Adam Silver’s mantra is to confuse the viewers. The national TV partners of the league, ESPN and Turner Sports, will combine personalities from their NBA studio productions for the two December 7 pregame shows in Las Vegas. This includes the highly decorated TNT NBA studio team joining ESPN’s NBA studio offering for at least one segment together. The broadcast teams will also be blended, with an ESPN voice working the TNT semifinal game telecast and vice versa.

Despite Audacy being on the brink of bankruptcy, it is expected to soon reach a new deal keeping the Mets on WCBS-AM, according to sources. Joe Benigno, known for his passionate Jets rants, has been critical of Greg Buttle, a former Jets linebacker and current co-host of the Jets radio pre and postgame show with Dan Graca. Play-by-play voices and analysts often shy away from criticizing the quality of games, but Fox’s Patriots-Giants production crew kept things entertaining during a less than exciting game by continuing to praise the Giants rookie QB Tommy DeVito.

Aaron Rodgers’ injury is providing a benefit to his friend Pat McAfee, who successfully made the quarterback a weekly paid guest on his show three seasons ago. ESPN’s role in cancer research and fundraising was also acknowledged, as they recently held their 17th annual V Week for Cancer Research. However, Panthers owner David Tepper’s actions during a press conference where he declined to allow a columnist critical of him to ask a question were criticized for being petty.

The article also includes several other sports-related promotions and conspiracy theories, along with a “Dude of the Week” and “Dweeb of the Week” recognition for ESPN and Panthers owner David Tepper, respectively.