Multiple Injuries Reported After NYPD Cruiser Crashes During Brooklyn Pursuit

November 11, 2023 By admin Off

An NYPD NYPD cruiser crashed into a passing Nissan on Friday during a high-speed Brooklyn pursuit of a motorist who refused to pull over, according to police. The cops inside the cruiser and the occupants of the Nissan were hospitalized following the crash, at the corner of Putnam and Central Aves. in Bushwick Friday. None of the injuries were deemed life-threatening. This pursuit occurred as cops switch up their tactics on handling police pursuits after a series of crashes. The Brooklyn officers were trying to pull over a motorist driving erratically, but the driver sped off, leading to the collision with the Nissan. The runaway car sped off, and no arrests were made. The NYPD has no formal definition or data regarding vehicle pursuits, but has been making changes to reduce the risks associated with chases. By October, 30 cops had been warned about how they conduct car chases. Critics have called for the NYPD to issue and enforce detailed rules limiting chases, and to release information about the circumstances of car chases.