Mismatch Between Company’s Count of Yankees’ Analytics Team and Brian Cashman’s Vision

November 21, 2023 By admin Off

Brian Cashman defended the Yankees’ analytics department at the GM meetings, drawing attention after claiming the Yankees have the smallest analytics department in the American League East. Despite his statement, Four Rings Sports Solutions contradicted it by releasing a chart showing that the Yankees had the second-largest research and development staffing in baseball. Cashman was asked how he counted the number of the Yankees’ analytics staffers but couldn’t provide a different method of headcount. He maintained that he trusts his team’s count and has a difference in opinion with Four Rings Sports. The company’s founder says Scott added that he typically reviews his headcounts annually but also tracks changes when he sees or hears about them. According to the company, Cashman may not be considering some staff when counting the number of employees, but Scott insists that he used broader parameters. Despite the contrasting data, Cashman continues to defend the Yankees’ analytics department, emphasizing that the team knows its department better than any outsider would. However, skeptics have criticized the department, with some suggesting that it may dictate strategies on the field. Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner has dismissed the idea that the team’s analytics department controls the on-field operations. Cashman made similar points at the GM meetings, emphasizing that analytics is an important aspect of the team’s operations, but they are not guided by it.