Man Admits to Murdering Wife and Stepson in Fit of Jealousy, Say Prosecutors

November 21, 2023 By admin Off

Brooklyn man who killed wife and stepson confessed to police after arrest at gas station

Luis Collado, 52, confessed to killing his wife, Rosa Acevedo, and her son, Gustavo Devora. According to Brooklyn ADA David Ingle, Collado told police that he believed his wife had been unfaithful which led him to shoot her, and also, to shoot Devora, before police caught him at a gas station near their apartment. The victim was struck in the head and neck and died at the scene, while Devora suffered a head wound and died a day later. Prosecutors claim that Collado said he shot Devora because he was attacked with a knife.

A witness, Miguel Acevedo, also claimed that Collado pointed the firearm at him after the shooting of Devora, but the gun was empty. Collado has a history of domestic violence.

An attorney for Collado said her client acted in self-defense and requested help from the judge. Robinson ordered that Collado be held without bail and placed on suicide watch.