Machine Gun Kelly Expresses Interest in Starring as Lead in Major Film – Find Out Which One!

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Machine Gun Kelly, who is known to be a legendary Zelda fan, has recently teased his followers on Instagram by revealing his desire to play the character. In the past, the artist has performed prominent roles in Bird Box, The Dirt, Project Power, One Way, and his directorial debut, Good Mourning.

However, he has not acted since last decade. Interestingly, he is not the only fan; his fiancée, Megan Fox, is also a known fan of The Legend of Zelda, as they cosplayed as Link and Princess Zelda last Halloween.

Machine Gun Kelly wants the lead role in the ZELDA movie

After Nintendo gave the green light to their superhit character into a live-action movie based on its popular video-game series The Legend of Zelda, MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, shared a screenshot of an article to his Instagram Story and said, he would like to star in the movie. Machine Gun Kelly did not waste any time on putting his hat in the ring for the movie as he wrote, “If I don’t play Link we have a problem,” on the post, referencing the video-game series’ protagonist.

MGK threateningly offered to play the protagonist, Link, as he once talked about his acting comeback even in the past. “I’ve waited my whole f*cking life to be able to act, to actually be given a chance to act,” he said last November.” He added about his directorial debut movie, Good Mourning, “This film is special, beyond it just being that it was my film; if somebody else made it and I watched it, I would be very happy that we had one of these for our generation. ”

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Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox once cosplayed the characters from the series

once posted pictures of her and Machine Gun Kelly’s Halloween costumes to her Instagram account. In the photo, Fox wore the latest in an ever-growing collection of gorgeous and regal Princess Zelda cosplays. It was supported by a maroon corset, an ornamented long skirt with the Triforce symbol, thigh-high golden heels, blond hair, and elf ears.

On the other hand, Machine Gun Kelly wore gray denim pants and a gray hoodie underneath a dark green tunic. Like the character, he even held a small single-bladed sword instead of the trademark Master Sword Link commonly wields.

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