Louisville Bank Shooting Exposes Weak Gun Laws as 5 Are Killed

November 22, 2023 By admin Off

Connor Sturgeon went on a deadly rampage inside a Louisville bank where he shot and killed five people and wounded eight others. Through new journal entries, it was revealed that Sturgeon carried out the horrific attack as a way to bring attention to what he believed were weak gun laws in the United States. He detailed in his entries how easy it was to purchase a Radical Firearms RF-15 assault rifle and ammunition from a local gun store, despite struggling with mental health issues. Sturgeon expressed his hope that the deadly massacre would lead to stricter gun laws and push politicians to take action. The investigation into the shooting has now been officially closed by authorities in Louisville. Sturgeon, who was shot by police, was pronounced dead at the scene. The report indicated that there was no long-term planning evident in his journals, and no extensive online searches related to gun violence were found.