Louisiana Teen Murder Suspect Evades Jail for Second Time in Two Weeks

November 26, 2023 By admin Off

A teenager charged with murder escaped jail for the second time in two weeks in Louisiana. David Atkins, 17, escaped from East Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center on Saturday night along with Willie Jackson, also 17 and accused of murder. This was Atkins’ second escape from the facility in a two-week period, the first occurring on Nov. 14 alongside Jeremiah Green, also 17. After the first escape, East Baton Rouge prosecutors requested Atkins be transferred to a more secure facility, but this request was not ruled on prior to the second breakout.

Atkins is accused of killing George Cotton, 28, following an argument in a convenience store in August 2021. The East Baton Rouge juvenile jail has seen multiple violent incidents in recent years, including detainee escapes and brawls. Baton Rouge authorities have warned the public that Atkins and Jackson are considered armed and dangerous.