Local Law 11: A global perspective on vegan prison meals

November 28, 2023 By admin Off

Building façade regulations: What’s the real goal? I’m writing about NYC’s Local Law 11, questioning the need to check building stability every 5 years. It seems that construction unions and crime groups benefit from the periodic building checks, causing citywide scaffolding issues and high inspection costs. Historical buildings worldwide have stood for centuries without siding issues, so repeating this thorough inspection and trusting the engineers’ and workers’ words seems unreasonable. This law should be reconsidered for fairness and cost reduction, given its controversial history. Paul Yannolo Unappetizing Scarborough, N.Y.: Mayor’s plan to fix the city’s financial crisis and a corruption scandal makes it clear that Adams’ Apple might become Adams’ Crabapple. Thomas F. Comiskey Wrong ‘hood Semi Valley, Calif.: Ontinuing questions arise regarding an incident in Harlem being misreported as an issue in Washington Heights. Clearly, the importance of faithful reporting is evident even for online outlets. Charles Seaton Real questions Astoria: The Big Bang can easily relate to religious inquiries, sparking further discussion. Society should take the time to process information to promote the progression of thoughtful thought. Bradley Morris Crude critique Somerville, N.J.: Your take on “The Right against rights” is somewhat out of touch. Researching the subject would likely have led to a different conclusion. John Kelleher By the numbers Hicksville, L.I.: White supremacy is not the country’s only influential force. There’s much more going on than what is reported. John Gelormino No movement Manhattan: Vegan meals in prisons would certainly change the meal diversity and improve their health factor. Elizabeth Forel Good ol’ days East Meadow, L.I.: Communication with doctors has devolved into patient portal reliance, and that’s not a good situation. Jeff Tuck Withhold profit – It’s best to boycott the Jets and urge them to recoup their monetary investment to enhance their team. They need to be serious about giving the fans what they deserve. Nick Di Pasquale Another dimension Plainview, L.I.: There is no doubt President Trump’s re-election will have a significant impact on the future of America. Frank Mauceri