Lewiston shooting connected to prior threat made by Robert Card against bakery

November 15, 2023 By admin Off

Robert Card, an Army reservist accused of killing 18 people at a Maine bowling alley and bar last month, allegedly made threatening remarks towards a New Hampshire bakery just days before the massacre. According to a police report obtained by ABC News, Card had been making deliveries to a Hudson bakery for “approximately six months” before the incident occurred. Workers at the bakery reported that Card exhibited erratic behavior and made unsettling comments, including threatening to “snap” on them. Six days after the incident at the bakery, Card burst into a recreation center in Lewiston and opened fire, killing seven people at the bowling alley and eight at a nearby bar. He was found dead days later inside a Lisbon recycling plant from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Prior to the shooting, Card’s family had expressed concerns about his mental health, and he had undergone a mental health evaluation after an incident during training in New York. These events highlight the importance of addressing mental health concerns and threats of violence in order to prevent such tragic events.