Julius Randle’s Quest for a Complimentary Getaway to Sin City

December 5, 2023 By admin Off

The Knicks are out to win at the In-Season Tournament, and Julius Randle sees a trip to Las Vegas motivating the team to perform against the Bucks. Winning the tournament could mean a $500,000 bonus for each player. Randle suggested that the potential prize money is a significant amount, particularly for players lower down in the rotation. He went as far as to pack extra clothes for a one-night stay in Las Vegas to be prepared for the post-game trip. Although the Knicks took part in an unusual early shootaround at the Fiserv Forum, it didn’t stop Randle and Josh Hart from speaking to a group of reporters. Randle expressed the uniqueness of the In-Season Tournament while Hart expressed his excitement over a potential trip to Las Vegas. And while Randle remained tight-lipped about his mid-season form secret, he credited the team’s success for helping him win Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Hart playfully joked about Randle’s improved performance, and how it could help the Knicks win and get to Vegas. Plus, Hart shared his disappointment in Travis Etienne after his NFL parlay bet was ruined by the Jacksonville Jaguars running back. Despite it all, Hart remains positive about his friendship with Tyrese Haliburton, who he has known for several years.