Israel Faces Renewed Criticism from Bowman as Major Challenge Approaches

November 22, 2023 By admin Off

Wednesday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman was cleared by a congressional ethics panel of pulling a Capitol Hill fire alarm. The incident took place during a chaotic vote on a spending bill, and Bowman already pleaded guilty to a minor criminal misdemeanor charge. Although the video appears to show him intentionally pulling the alarm, the ethics panel found that there was no need to open a probe into the issue.

Furthermore, Bowman has recently renewed his controversial criticism of Israel amid the war with Hamas that began after the Oct. 7 terror attacks. In an interview, he called on Israel to stop the fighting in Gaza and advocated for pushing Israel to negotiate an independent Palestinian state. Bowman accused Israel of refusing to take steps towards a two-state solution, comparing the situation in the West Bank to Jim Crow segregation.

The leader of the liberal Jewish group that sponsored a trip Bowman went on, tweeted to confirm the existence of checkpoints that separate people by religion, countering claims that Bowman was lying. The controversy surrounding Bowman’s position on Israel, along with his alignment with the far left flank of the Democratic congressional caucus, has sparked speculation of a potential primary challenge by George Latimer, the Westchester County Executive. Latimer is a popular two-term incumbent who is embarking on a solidarity trip to Israel. He emphasized the need for empathy and understanding for the Jewish community; it’s unclear if he’ll run for Congress. Though he has a progressive record on multiple issues, he will make a decision about running in early December.