Hamas Releases First Group of Hostages from Gaza, Including 13 Israelis: Official Reports

November 24, 2023 By admin Off

Hamas released the first batch of Israeli hostages and 12 Thai nationals after a ceasefire deal started. The truce allowed needed aid to start flowing into Gaza. The hopes were raised for winding down the conflict that flattened vast swaths of Gaza. Both sides agreed to release women and children first and more hostages and prisoners will be released in stages. The truce began and Israeli officials prepared in southern Israel for the release of the freed citizens, including those with second nationality. A list of Palestinian prisoners eligible for release was published. Quiet came after the ceasefire took effect. Israel allowed limited fuel deliveries. U.N. aid agencies pushed back against claims that fuel could be used for military purposes. Israel dropped leaflets over southern Gaza warning about returning to their homes after the ground offensive. Violence continued despite the ceasefire. Israel warned that the war would resume with intensity at least two more months. The war erupted when thousands of Hamas terrorists stormed southern Israel and killed at least 1,200 people. Israel is currently holding 7,200 Palestinians on security charges, and there have been over 13,300 Palestinian fatalities.