“Get Your Home Holiday-Ready with These Top-Rated Candles” – New York Daily News

November 20, 2023 By admin Off

The holiday season is approaching, and it’s time to make your home smell festive. Scented candles are a simple and effective way to fill your home with the aromas of the season. Whether you prefer sweet, spicy, earthy, or fruity scents, there is a candle for you. Look for candles with notes of peppermint, vanilla, cocoa, gingerbread, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, pine, balsam, berry, citrus, pumpkin, apple, or cranberry to capture the essence of the holidays.

Jar candles are the most popular option for scented candles, offering long burn times and potent aromas. When choosing a scented candle, look for a well-made wick that burns slowly and cleanly, such as those made of cotton or other quality materials.

There are also a variety of holiday-scented candles to choose from, including mulled cider, Christmas cookie, holiday forest, balsam and cedar, frosty gingerbread, peppermint sticks, bayberry, and snow globe wonderland. Each candle offers a unique combination of scents to fill your home with holiday cheer.

No matter which scented candle you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy the festive aromas throughout the holiday season and beyond. So light up a candle, sit back, and relax as your home fills with the delightful scents of the holidays.