George Santos’ Expulsion from Congress: A Unique Political Outlier

December 1, 2023 By admin Off

This article is about the historic vote to expel Rep. George Santos from Congress in a 311-114 vote due to his campaign of lies and alleged fraud. This move makes Santos the first member of Congress to be ousted without being convicted of a crime since the Civil War. With Santos’ expulsion, the GOP now holds a narrow 221-213 advantage in the House. Governor Hochul has 10 days to call a special election to fill the vacancy in the NY-03 district. Santos’ refusal to resign forced his colleagues to take the politically difficult step of forcing him out.

Many Republicans, including members of the Freedom Caucus, voted against expelling Santos, raising questions about due process. Santos’ downfall began when federal prosecutors indicted him with 23 charges including stealing donors’ credit card information, campaign finance violations, and COVID-19 unemployment fraud. The House Ethics Committee also issued a report accusing him of using campaign funds for personal expenses.

Overall, Santos’ rise and fall from Congress have been tumultuous due to a series of lies and alleged fraudulent activities.