Future Stars: The Mets’ Top Pitching Prospects Worth Watching

November 29, 2023 By admin Off

To be more sustainable, the Mets have to focus on their pitching. The club has not produced quality pitchers since their last NL pennant win in 2015. The Mets are trying to improve their player development since Steve Cohen became the club’s main shareholder. To help with that, they opened a pitching lab in June. However, they still need to focus on free agency for the next few years.
The Mets do have some pitching prospects, but they might still rely on free agents for now. Some of the prospects that could be relevant are RHP Mike Vasil, RHP Dominic Hamel, RHP Blade Tidwell, RHP Christian Scott, and LHP Nate Lavender. Other pitchers like RHP Justin Jarvis, RHP Brandon Sproat, and RHP Tyler Stuart are still question marks, while RHP Calvin Ziegler, LHP Luis R. Rodriguez, RHP Nolan McLean, RHP Raimon Gomez, RHP Joel Díaz, and RHP Kade Morris are low-level arms that need to be watched.