Forever Grateful: Recognizing the Courage of Military Veterans

November 11, 2023 By admin Off

The sentiment of gratitude towards military personnel is often overlooked due to its commonality. People join the military for various reasons, whether it be for high ideals, following family tradition, or educational benefits. Many do not want to fight when there’s a draft. Life in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines does not always involve extreme risk, as some support troops in the field or train without deploying. Highly trained pilots operate drones remotely. The reality of war is often far from the glorified tales told on film or by presidents. Warfare is mostly waiting with moments of chaos and terror. Killing, even when necessary, takes a toll on the psyche. It’s important to remember that those who serve are just people, and calling them all heroes is clichĂ©. The decision to go to war should only be made in response to a grave risk or attack. When leaders send soldiers to fight for the wrong reasons, they break faith with them and the public. Regardless of the circumstances, those who serve bear a great burden on behalf of the rest of society. They make sacrifices and take risks that others would not consider. They deserve support while serving, as well as concrete services and opportunities that honor their service.