First NYCHA Voters: Elect the Housing Trust to Make a Difference

December 1, 2023 By admin Off

Residents of the Nostrand Houses in Brooklyn are currently participating in a voting process to determine the future of their housing management and leasing structure. The options at hand are the status quo Section 9 structure, the private-management structure of the federal RAD program, and the brand new option of the Public Housing Preservation Trust. It is recommended that residents choose the Trust, as it is the best option to address the system’s significant capital needs.

While the voting process may seem like an unnecessary delay, it is crucial to include residents in decisions that directly impact their living situation. It is important for organizers and elected officials to make a strong case for the Trust and address any legitimate concerns residents may have.

The Trust will not alter the fundamental aspects of NYCHA tenancy, such as rent, apartment ownership, succession systems, and building ownership. However, it will provide long-term leases and access to federal Section 8 funding, allowing for more flexibility in addressing necessary repairs and services.

It is urged that residents take advantage of the opportunity to vote and approve the Trust, which can bring about positive changes. The city should aim to schedule more elections in the coming year to give residents of other developments the chance to participate in shaping the future of the public housing system.

The Trust has the potential to rehabilitate up to 25,000 units and address significant financial needs. While it may not solve every problem, it is a step in the right direction.

Overall, the Public Housing Preservation Trust is seen as the best option to address the challenges facing NYCHA and ensure a better future for residents.