Envy and resentment led to Brooklyn woman’s murder, neighbors believe

November 18, 2023 By admin Off

A woman passed away and her stepson was seriously injured in a shooting in East New York, Brooklyn, on Friday night, according to police and witnesses. Sources mentioned that one suspect was in custody. The deceased woman was identified as Rosa Acevedo, who was in her 40s and was the wife of the shooter, Luis Collado, 52, according to neighbors. It was stated that Collado believed his wife was having an affair, as per neighbor Victor Cruz, 56. Collado’s jealousy led him to make threats against his wife, as mentioned by Cruz. Other neighbors also reported that Collado had spoken about his intentions to kill his wife. A neighbor at the building where the incident occurred described seeing the wounded stepson being taken out of the home by medics. The neighbor recalled the stepson being covered in blood and rushed into an ambulance. Following the shooting, a handgun was observed near the scene as the police conducted their investigation.