DA: Suspect in upstate kidnapping allegedly rapes 9-year-old victim

November 18, 2023 By admin Off

Craig Ross Jr., the man arrested for abducting a young girl in upstate New York and holding her hostage for two days, has been accused of raping the 9-year-old victim. Saratoga County Prosecutors added four counts of predatory sexual assault against a child to the list of charges against the 47-year-old defendant. He was already being held in jail without bail for first-degree kidnapping. The victim was found in the cabinet of a camper Ross called home, parked on his mother’s property. Investigators tracked Ross down by matching him to fingerprints on a ransom note. Ross pleaded not guilty to the new charges in Saratoga County Court. The case was adjourned until Dec. 21, with a hearing scheduled for Jan. 2 to determine whether a plea deal is on the table. A trial is tentatively set to begin April 1.