Carlos Mendoza: Venezuela’s New Sensation in the Mets

November 20, 2023 By admin Off

The New York Mets have gained some new followers as a result of the hiring of Carlos Mendoza. He’s the second Major League manager from Venezuela, following Ozzie Guillen, and his hiring has made the Mets very popular in his home country. Francisco Alvarez, a catcher for the Mets and a native of Venezuela, said that his friends and family back home have all started rooting for the Mets because of Mendoza’s hiring. Alvarez is proud of Mendoza’s journey to becoming a manager and sees him as a trailblazer for other Venezuelans with potential managerial skills.

Alvarez and Mendoza have already had a positive phone conversation, and Alvarez is looking forward to meeting him in person. Mendoza was quick to reach out to members of the Mets roster after agreeing to terms with the team. Alvarez has his sights set on improving his defensive skills during the offseason, focusing on limiting the damage caused by opposing teams.

While Alvarez is known for his skills on the baseball field, he’s also getting attention for his cooking abilities. However, for his first American Thanksgiving, Alvarez is letting his mother handle the cooking, as she’s a better cook than he is. Alvarez and the Mets participated in handing out over 7,500 turkeys across the five boroughs to help feed more than 61,000 people, and Alvarez was glad to be able to help those in need.