Belief in Vision: Owners Remain Committed to Their Vision

November 28, 2023 By admin Off

The Giants’ general manager, Joe Schoen, stated the owners still have confidence in his and coach Brian Daboll’s vision for the team despite the ongoing struggles. Schoen emphasized the constant communication with the Mara and Tisch families and said they are all on board with the plan. He acknowledged the disappointment of the season but highlighted the valuable experience young players are gaining. Schoen defended his roster decisions and called for continued patience. He mentioned the free-agent signing of middle linebacker Bobby Okereke as an encouraging hit, but there were also miscalculations that contributed to the team’s current situation. Schoen also defended his evaluation of Evan Neal and the construction of the offensive line, pointing to injuries as the main reason for its poor play. He said the injuries haven’t been consistent, and the team will continue to look for ways to keep players healthy. Schoen also took responsibility for forcing rookie Eric Gray into a punt return role and praised Saquon Barkley for being a good leader during a tough year. He will address free agency questions at the end of the season.