Auction of JFK memorabilia brings back memories of assassination 60 years later

November 12, 2023 By admin Off

The coming 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination has historical items from the Camelot era ripe for the bidding among collectors. Heritage Auctions hosts an event this Monday and Tuesday where a photo of the president and wife Jaqueline Kennedy inside their limousine after landing at Love Field on Nov. 22, 1963, will be offered. Other items from the Kennedy administration include JFK cufflinks, a wristwatch, and the late-Senator’s business card. Curtis Lindner, director of Americana for Heritage, noted the enduring fascination with Kennedy, remarking, “He was a young guy, a World War II hero.” Kennedy was only three years into his presidency when he was assassinated in Dallas, leaving shocked citizens and conspiracy theories in his wake. Among the rarities going up for auction are a pair of presidential cufflinks given to a White House maid, a satchel with the initials “J.F.K.,” and a PT 109 letter to Kennedy. A telegram from President Kennedy to baseball great Stan Musial has a place in the auction as well, along with an Omega wristwatch Kennedy received as a gift and a presidential automobile flag from the collection of JFK’s assistant. Additionally, an American flag recovered from the rubble of the South Tower after the 9/11 terrorist attacks is also up for bidding at a starting price of $25,000.