Arrest Made in Colorado Shooting Deaths Over Property Boundaries

November 22, 2023 By admin Off

According to authorities, Hanme Clarke has been arrested. Clarke was taken into custody on Tuesday and is facing three counts of murder as a result of a day-long manhunt, sparked by the deadly gunfire in Westcliffe earlier this week. Authorities believe he opened fire on a group of people working on a property owned by Rob Geers, accusing them of trespassing. The gunfire killed two men and a woman and wounded another woman. Smith told reporters that Clarke and “at least one of the victims have been in previous civil disputes about property lines and easements.” Rob Geers in the past has accused Clark of trespassing on his land four times, according to court records. On Nov. 17, just days before the deadly shooting, Geers said a hidden camera captured an image of a man dressed in hunting gear and carrying a rifle, his face covered, on his land that he said he was sure was Clark. He also alleged that Clark and his girlfriend had “decided to target him and his wife with harassment and trespassing.” The ongoing feud has drawn sheriff’s deputies to the area on several occasions over the years, but there was no indication that it would lead to violence, Smith said. Smith hopes that Clarke’s arrest and the ongoing investigation will bring relief to the neighborhood and community, as well as closure to the families of the victims and their friends.