Arlington, Va. Resident with History of ‘Delusion’ Linked to House Explosion: Officials

December 7, 2023 By admin Off

The recent explosion of a house in Arlington, Va., has prompted an investigation into its owner, James W. Yoo, who previously made concerning social media posts and filed multiple federal lawsuits connected to conspiracy theories involving his family members. The 56-year-old, who authorities say died in the home explosion on Monday, had four federal lawsuits all previously dismissed by judges. In a suit he filed in New York in 2018, he claimed that his then-wife and younger sister had him committed to a hospital against his will. He alleged that he was under surveillance, harassed and subtly threatened in the process. According to court documents, “Plaintiff interpreted ‘Felen’ as ‘Felon,” and wrote he believed his sister “used her child to create a message willfully intended to inflict emotional distress upon Plaintiff.” Statements from family members in the case stated that Yoo was previously in therapy for mental health issues. Arlington County Police Chief Andy Penn mentioned in a Tuesday press conference that investigators were examining Yoo’s online activity, including a recent rant he posted to his LinkedIn page regarding his neighbors and a former co-worker. David Sundberg, assistant director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, added that Yoo had attempted to communicate with the bureau over a number of years via phone and other means.