Are you finding the expert tips to choose the best ironing board?

Are you finding the expert tips to choose the best ironing board?Are you finding the expert tips to choose the best ironing board?

Most people don’t like ironing tasks, because they have the wrong choice of ironing board which will make your ironing painless and slower task. In order to make it easy and quick, it is very essential to choose the best ironing board in the market. If you are often ironing a single garment, it is better to go for the small tabletop ironing board from a leading brand. There are also wall-mounted and large folding ironing boards available which are the best choice to iron a big pile of clothing to tackle.

Folding & wall mounted ironing boards:

Before choosing a particular ironing board for your requirements, first of all it is essential to know more details about the different types of ironing boards. Once you have collected the information about their ironing purposes, you can select the right one which suits you.

  • Folding ironing boards

The folding ironing boards are traditional ones which can be moved from one room to another as you want. If you shift a home, it is really very simple to fold and move this ironing table. They can be completely adjustable as per your needs and also very cheap in the market. You can change its height according to your body height. If you have a very restricted storage space in your house, you can just fold and store it in any area.

  • Wall-mounted ironing boards

The wall-mounted ironing boards are also known as built-in ironing boards. If you want to save more space in your house, it is better going to choose this wall-mounted model. It can be simple to use & pull out and tucked away easily. Professional installation is required for this model ironing board and it is quite expensive than the folding model. It could be fixed in a particular place and not portable to move on to any other place.

Other than these two best ironing board models, you can also see the small ironing boards in the market. It is smaller enough and lighter weight to be set up in any small area for your convenience.

Folding & wall mounted ironing boards


Understanding standard sizes of ironing board:

Ironing boards are generally coming in 5 different standard sizes. You can decide the size you purchase according to your ironing needs. If you are only going to iron the shirts and small garments, the small ironing board is quite enough to buy. However, ironing of large dresses and suits will require something a little bigger size ironing board. When you want to iron the sheets, it is crucial to go with the full-size ironing board in order to make this task easier.

The standard sizes of the ironing board include,

  • 110 x 30 cm
  • 124 x 38 cm
  • 124 x 45 cm
  • 135 x 45 cm
  • 135 x 49 cm

Just like choosing a suitable ironing board, it is also very important to choose the right ironing board cover mainly with elastic edges.