Americans Weigh in on Trump’s Views on Veterans, US Weapons, and NYC Construction

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

Donald Trump’s Open Contempt for Veterans Confirmed by John Kelly

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, four-star Marine general John Kelly, recently confirmed that Trump has open contempt for veterans, according to a recent article. Trump sees veterans as a voting box to easily check off by claiming he’s the best patriot ever. This behavior should not come as a surprise, considering Trump’s reputation as a liar, self-promoter, and hypocrite. The article provides numerous examples of Trump’s open disdain for veterans, including refusing to attend the Marine memorial service at Belleau Wood during World War I, calling late Sen. John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush “losers,” and insulting the combat reputation of Marine and Army company commanders in Vietnam. Kelly confirmed that he has heard Trump’s contempt for veterans and has expressed concern. This confirmation is a reminder that Trump is a fake patriot who denigrates real veterans. The article ends with a request for God’s help in light of Kelly’s confirmation of Trump’s behavior and attitude towards veterans.