All Failed to Handle This Guy

December 2, 2023 By admin Off

Mike Johnson’s announcement of the expulsion vote resulted in ending George Santos’ short tenure in elected office, marking a failure for many people and institutions. The Republican Party organization in Nassau and Queens failed to see who Santos truly was before granting him their ballot line unopposed. The failure to expose Santos’ fraud also extended to the Democrats in Nassau and Queens. Additionally, the press on Long Island and in the city failed to expose Santos’ lies before the general election. Following his election, there were more failures, as Santos’ shamelessness prevented him from resigning, and the members of the House failed to allow the chamber’s long tradition to follow its long tradition and agitated for expulsion without a criminal conviction or formal recommendation from the Ethics Committee. The lack of primaries in the upcoming special election also signifies a failure, and the Democrats’ attempt to redraw congressional districts adds another wrinkle to the situation.