50 Hostages Held as Gaza Ceasefire Ends, Pressure to Free Others Rises

November 28, 2023 By admin Off

The article discusses a four-day ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, during which Israel, Hamas, Qatar, the U.S., and Egypt negotiated the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. Each day, an agreed-upon number of hostages were exchanged for Palestinian prisoners, with the final day seeing 11 Jews released in exchange for 33 Arab prisoners. Despite some delays, the exchange was successfully carried out each day, providing relief for the returnees in Israel. The ceasefire has been extended, and it is anticipated that at least another 2 days of exchanges will occur, potentially resulting in the release of 175 Israeli hostages. The article expresses hope for a peaceful resolution but emphasizes that the conflict will only end when Hamas is no more.